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Portable Fire Extinguishers

They include ABC, BC, CO2, and Pressurized Water, in sizes ranging from 2 Ĺ to 20 lb. (Larger or specialty extinguishers upon request)

Portable Fire Extinguishers.


10 LB ABC Fire Extinguisher.


The 10 LB ABC fire extinguisher, shown here, has a rating of 6A:80B:C, which meets the Forest Fire Prevention Act.






Fire Extinguisher Accessories
There is a full line of accessories to help store and protect your fire protection equipment, so that it is ready and operational when you need it. Some of the products include:

  • Heavy Duty Brackets
  • Covers
  • Cabinets

Fire Extinguisher Inspecting, Testing and Recharging
Our shop is set up to deal with the Testing, Recharging, and Repair of all makes and models of portable fire extinguishers. We also carry out inspections of fire extinguisher to ensure they meet the NFPA 10 standards.

If your unit needs to be taken out of service for work, a loaner unit is left on site. This way Valley Fire Protection can ensure you are never left unprotected.

Key Benefits
On Site Inspections
Fast Reliable Guaranteed Work
Loaner Units Ensure Continuous Protection

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Wildfire External Sprinkler System

What is a Wildfire External Sprinkler System ?
What does a Wildfire External Sprinkler System Do ?
Why do I need a Wildfire External Sprinkler System ?
Where can I use a Wildfire External Sprinkler System ?
Safety First !
Fast and Effective
How Much Does It Cost?
What Else Can I Do To Protect My Cottage?


What is a Wildfire External Sprinkler System?
The Wildfire External Sprinkler System is an economical and proven method of protecting your remote buildings from Wildfires. The sprinklers are installed on the outside of a building and are driven by a power pump that is set up at a lake or river. This system can be left to run unattended.

What does a Wildfire External Sprinkler System Do?
Once the sprinklers are started, they create a mini weather environment around your cottage or home. The sprinklers raise the Relative Humidity and lower the Temperature. With the area cooler and wetter, it is less susceptible to burn.

Why do I need a Wildfire External Sprinkler System?
With the current trends of downloading and downsizing, more responsibility is being handed down to the private individuals. Cottage and Resort owners are being encouraged to take the initiative, and to provide their own values protection in the event of a Wildfire.

Where can I use a Wildfire External Sprinkler System?
The Wildfire External Sprinkler System can be used to protect Cottages, Summer Homes, Resorts, and Forestry Equipment. Each system is custom designed to suit your needs with no limit to what can be protected. The picture below shows an entire town that was successfully protected from a Wildfire.



Safety First !
With the Wildfire External Sprinkler System, you are never in any danger! You don't have to be on site for the sprinklers to work. Once the power pump has been started, you retreat to a fire safe area and let the sprinklers do the work.

Fast and Effective
Once the System has been designed, the hard work is done. The External Sprinkler System can be up and running in less then 30 minutes. You simply lay out the hose, hammer up the sprinkler heads, and start the power pump. It's that easy!

How Much Does It Cost?
Each Wildfire External Sprinkler System is custom designed to meet your specific needs. This is done to keep your costs down. To get a free quote, simply contact us via phone (807-475-3330), fax (807-475-3377), or email with the following information:

  1. Number of buildings to be protected and the outside dimensions of each building.
  2. Distance from the lake to the largest building.
  3. Distance between each building.

What Else Can I Do To Protect My Cottage?
Here are some pointers to help make your cottage or resort a little more fire safe:

  1. Keep the grass cut and the weeds knocked down.
  2. Clean up dead trees that are in and around your cottage.
  3. Make sure all buildings have the proper skirting around them. This prevents sparks from landing under the buildings.
  4. Be careful with camp fires. Don't burn on windy days and make sure the fire is DEAD OUT before retiring for the night.

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Fire Fighting Equipment

Valley Fire Protection And Services Limited carries a full line of fire fighting equipment for sale or for rent. We also service what we sell. Take a browse through just a few of the items that VFPS has to offer. If you are looking for something that is not listed, drop us a note via the email address, and we will help you find it.

Power Pumps
VFPS has a wide selection of power pumps to choose from, whether itís a small garden pump to a large volume pump. We have power pumps that are available for both sale and for rent. All rental pumps come with the accessories that you require. We are also set up to test and repair power pumps of all types and sizes.
Wajax Mark III High Pressure Power Pump.

Fire Hose
We carry a number of different types of fire hose from forest fire hose to municipal fire hose along with industrial and stand pipe hose. Along with the sales of the fire hose we are set up to wash and test fire hose and to repair and re-couple fire hose.

Fire Hose Packs
Rugged and tough hose bags that are manufactured to the OMNR standards. These hose bags are designed for the forest fire fighting efforts. They will hold 4 to 8 100 foot lengths of forest fire hose. With the fire hose packed neatly, it assists in the transport and delivery to and on the fire scene.

Forest Fire Back Pumps
The Back Pump is one of the best fire fighting tools that can be used in the forest fire scene, for home or cottage fire protection, and for the forest industry. It holds approximately 5 gallons of water and is carried on ones back, which makes it a very fast and effective means of getting water to, and on a fire. They come in three different forms, a rigid poly, a rigid metal, and a soft collapsible type. All do the same job. We also carry a full line of parts to assist in quick and efficient repair of both the container and the trombone. The one pictured is a rigid poly type.

Fire Fighting Accessories
If there is a fire fighting tool or accessory that you need "We have it or will get it". Here is a short list of tools or accessories that we have to offer:

  • Nozzles (Fog/Spray, Straight Bore, Foam)
  • Fire Hose Couplings (Forestry Quick Connect, Adapters)
  • Hose Wrenches
  • Fire Axes
  • Fire Ladders
  • Fire Hose Wyes (Straight Wyes, Gated Wyes)
  • Fire Hose Stranglers
  • Forest Fire Fighting Hand Tools (Axes, Shovels, Pulaskis)


Product Catalog
Email us or call for the latest product catalog.